Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Release] Dream High - 03 and 04

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Episode 3: HANrel*
Main Translator: myweithisway
Spot Translator: Panks
Timer: articmoonrise
Editor/QC: Kazu-Ichi
Coordinators: DashRabbit, Kazu-Ichi

Episode 4: HANrel*
Main Translator: taq
Spot Translator: Bopeep
Timer: nelly17
Editor/QC: HappyOrange
Coordinators: DashRabbit, Kazu-Ichi

* = with special {\a6} commands and colorizing lyrics. 
For the best viewing download the K-lite codec with Media Player Classic.


Nocturna said...

Great Job!!! *__*

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

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